Entrepreneurship in retail franchising

In fact, the retail area features a wide variety of the various successful business concepts. If you want to be in retail self-employed, you will first ask the question, whether the industry is for you as a prospective franchisee is interesting. The pivotal point in the decision for a franchise concept is to look at the record of accomplishment and the recent market success of the business idea. Successful companies note that only cost leadership provides scope for creative concepts. Innovative range compilations are still on the rise.

A franchise license can provide fast reliable starting their own businesses. Success is within reach, if you use the license of a franchise company with a high reputation. In this case, you can take advantage of marketing campaigns and its program to help and support from licensees.

You can find examples of successful retail franchise systems such are OTTO shop, Yves Rocher, Kamps, Success Sports as well as new concepts such Legea Champions Point.

Retail experience is an advantage, of course, if such a franchise license is purchased, but not essential. Since the franchisor usually offer a comprehensive training and education program, can quickly extensive knowledge and expertise for the business area to be acquired.

A key requirement for success in retail is of course the choice of location. You must pack the business simply cannot achieve. A poorly chosen business location will not help even the best business idea in retail success. The trends in German retail lie in the development of shopping centres, both on the “green field” as well as in the downtown area and at railway stations. This is due to the increase in customer demand for product range and – deep, leading to an expansion of the retail space. With targeted location marketing, such as the cooperation with the respective city management in urban issues and the organization of events, the still existing problems of location, parking shortages, among other things, insufficient large retail space and high rents are solved.

In addition, also opens up the EU enlargement and globalization, the German retail new opportunities: growth markets that are closely related culturally and has a purchasing power of 45 -, 60% of the Western European level are “outside our own front door.”

The long dreaded competition for the retail part of the e-commerce remained largely below expectations, which is evident from recent studies.

Fresh franchise ideas for summer

The summer is the season of warm weather and good mood. The days are long, packed its bags for the holidays already. Summertime is without a doubt the best time of year. In addition, for this feel-good time there are matching franchisees who are happy about a visit:


In this franchise concept, good mood is guaranteed. On specially developed for the company selling bikes, the Coffee bikes, delicious coffee specialties also are offered. To ensure the highest quality coffee beans are freshly ground for each order. Especially in many events throughout the summer, this concept offers lucrative sales figures and customer satisfaction.

Chiquita Fruit Bar

What could be better in the summer, as a cool and refreshing smoothie or a delicious fruit salad? These and other refreshments can be found in the rich offer. As a franchisee, you can expect a professional food concept with great growth potential.

Success Sport point

Sports fans also get their money’s worth in the summer. Suitable footwear is as high demand, especially in run rods through forest and meadow. When franchisor Success Sport point a place large selection of athletic shoes. As a franchisee of Success Sport point, can your customers an extensive selection and professional advice to offer in the sports shoe sector.

Clean skin

This franchise concept enables its clients, without annoying body hair to start in the summer. After a few treatments, the treated areas are free for exhibiting to the sun on the beach. Especially in the summer time, enjoy the franchisee of clean skin about increasing sales.

The Chance – The Partnership meeting

Even the most beautiful beach vacation alone makes only half as much fun. There is a chance to find another love. Therefore, everyone has someone with whom he can share his beach chair. This is also a very profitable business model. All you need is a little imagination to make this even more interesting.

Start with the right advice success as a franchisee

Here you can find details on professional franchise and business consultants who will accompany you on your way to successful franchisees.

Some of you might ask, whether they will need a professional adviser. Briefly, one can answer this question as follows:

Qualified franchise

Qualified franchise or business consultants offer a variety of services to assist potential entrepreneurs to be on your way and support. This, among other advisory services in financial and legal matters, training seminars for aspiring business owners, including support in the selection and evaluation of candidate concepts and franchise consulting in marketing issues. Some advisers have also specialized franchisor to assist you in your search for the right franchisees for your concepts. However, prospective franchisees are in the consultant heading directly to franchise experts in various fields are available:

Franchise attorneys:

The heart of a franchise partnership is called the franchise agreement. Unlike the situation in the U.S. In Germany, there are no legal provisions that are specific to the topic of franchising. Are existing contracts between franchisors and franchisees are therefore largely due to legal regulations of the Civil Code and Commercial Code with covered. In addition, the German Franchise Association, the brochure ā€˛Franchise Guide “issued to potential franchisees with comprehensive information about financial and legal frameworks.

To protect against costly mistakes however, it is strongly recommended each franchisee to consider before signing a franchise agreement to an expert for advice. Even if there is no specifically tailored to the franchising laws basics so professional franchise lawyers can usually be estimated very accurately how individual clauses affect the franchise agreement on the management of the respective franchise branch. You will also support the franchise attorney also should be necessary to renegotiate with your prospective franchisor. Find Matching franchise lawyer


Few prospective franchisees are financially able to do so to finance the start-up plans to completely out of pocket. Some franchisors offer therefore their partners to a certain support in funding. Again, it is recommended that at an early stage to seek professional support. Financial advisors may be able to trace through the market to offer an alternative financing business financing. Even with slightly better conditions for the franchisee may be a considerable savings potential yield. A professional consultant can also give valuable advice on the medium-to long-term financial planning for the proposed company.

Management consultancy

In virtually every industry to find qualified consultants, who specialize accordingly (for example, in the travel industry). They will show you alternative franchise concepts.